Solongo Shagdarsuren, Ulambayar Batchuluun, Daniel Lindbergh Lang

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A decline in number of credit hours of English courses for English-majoring students at National University of Mongolia is forcing teachers and students to focus on how to learn English more effectively and what factors would affect that process within credit hours allowed at the university. However, the English teaching class hours in Mongolian secondary schools have been increasing for the last few years, due to the interest in learning English as a foreign language, and resulting in a growth in the demand for English teachers. This study has a goal to investigate into motivation of English-majoring students towards learning English and the factors affecting them to be demotivated. Twenty students studying English as a major at National University of Mongolia, Erdenet School completed the research questionnaire  which intended to discover English learning motivation through 12 items and attended focus group interview with 5 questions to find internal and external demotivating factors in 2019-2020 academic year. The students had instrumental orientation and demonstrated a strong desire to learn English. Furthermore, they were demotivated by their teachers’ and classmates’ attitudes and living conditions. The researchers suggested some recommendations based on the study findings. 


learning motivation, instrumental motivation, integrative motivation, demotivation, internal factors, external factors

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