Olga Vladimirovna Glukhova, Tatyana Vsevolodovna Evsyukova

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The paper is a comprehensive interdisciplinary study of verbal trademarks in terms of cultural linguistics, psychological cultural linguistics and cognitive science. The paper considers the verbal trademarks as a distinct linguoculture capable of transmitting cultural values. The study aims to show the way linguocultural identity interrelates with the processes of verbal trademarks perception and localization. The first chapter deals with the concepts of cultural and linguocultural identity. The second chapter discusses the results of associative experiment held in terms of the paper. The experiment involved people of three age groups whose task was to share their associations with the particular verbal trademarks and resulted in a scope of  various lexical material. The conceptual and value-based analysis of the data received proved the hypothesis.  The last chapter is devoted to the concept of localization in marketing and translation studies. The article points out the cultural value aspects of the process. 

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