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English Language Education (ELE) in India has a history of about two hundred years. There were some significant studies in ELE during the British rule. The research in ELE in India was mostly carried out in the second half of twentieth century. A cursory review of bibliographies reveals that ELE is one of the less researched sub-disciplines of English Studies in India. In the absence of a separate study on research in ELE in India, the present paper is a modest attempt to evaluate the doctoral research in different areas of ELE in the universities in Maharashtra State of India. The purpose of the present study is to know the less explored and over explored areas of ELE for doctoral research. This study would not only strengthen the research in ELE but also define the scope for further research in ELE in India.  Besides, it may not only help the aspirant researchers but also will determine the path of ELE in twenty-first century India. 


English Studies in India, Doctoral research, ELE, Maharashtra State

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