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Abstract. The information flood we face today is constantly increasing. The total amount of information has left far behind one that a human being can acquire for the whole life. So the ability to pick up the relevant information, estimate its reliability and analyze it is getting more and more important. So it is not surprising that ICT competence is among the key ones for every educated person nowadays. Specialists in the sphere of IR are not an exclusion being supposed to cope with the increasing flood of information steadily. The goal of the research is to define the most effective way of forming ICT competence of IR students. To reach the goal we consider the structure of ICT competence focusing on its components. Basing on the RF State Standards we analyze the needs of IR specialists in terms of information competence and develop some questionnaires to analyze ICT competence development of IR students. The analysis of the obtained data results into some recommendations aimed at enhancing the efficiency of ICT competence forming.

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