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Abstract. The article system of English is very difficult for L2 learners to understand and even for teachers to explain it especially if there are no such elements in their L1. Teaching the articles of English seems to be a rather complicated procedure. Some theories indicate that article pedagogy should focus on learning rules and exceptions. On the other hand, other theorists believe that article pedagogy should concentrate on applying a communicative approach in the classroom. Both methods are well-founded and useful in the L2 acquisition of articles. The main aim of this paper is to introduce a variety of options for analysing article pedagogy and usage found in the literature. Based on Master`s (1986) pedagogical sequence for teaching articles and Pica`s (1983) recommendations for instruction, this paper will reveal common article errors in L2 students’ translation and discuss how systematic instruction can strengthen accelerated learning of the article system. Students should also be made aware of the whole system of articles and not just of their individual use.

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