Contrastive Linguistic Analysis of Texts on Classical Music in English and Serbian and its Possible Applications in Professional Environment and ESP

Darko Kovačević

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In available linguistic literature, the linguistic aspects of texts on classical music have been discussed only in a small number of publications written in English. In this paper, a contrastive linguistic analysis of texts on classical music written in English and Serbian is done, based on the corpus of 400 texts (excerpts) in both languages (200 texts for each language). After the introduction, the corpus and its structure will be presented, together with an overview of the literature used as the theoretical basis for the analysis. After that, the contrastive analysis, based on two previously completed linguistic analyses of texts in both languages, is performed. It includes a contrastive overview of three aspects of texts: lexicogrammar, textualization and structural interpretation. Finally, at the end of the paper, some possible applications of the performed analysis and in the ESP tuition are presented, together with some general conclusions.


contrastive analysis, linguistic analysis, discourse analysis, texts on classical music, English, Serbian, ESP

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