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The purpose of this paper is to highlight the importance of oral presentation skills/public speaking for fresh graduates of all disciplines and emphasize on developing online materials to cater the needs of the students on a large scale worldwide using the platform of technology in the field of English language teaching. An ESP course has been developed online in this study in the form of a blog called “English for Oral presentation skills” providing course view and outline, course objectives, learning outcomes and activities to be conducted by the teacher. The focus of this study is to provide students with language used in different stages of the presentation which include language for introduction, transitional language, language for conclusion and the language for Q& A session. It also includes thee general language implication to be considered while teaching English for oral presentation skills. It also highlights the information on different types of presentations and the structure of presentations.  The overall course included the assessment criteria as well in order to make sure whether the students are able to present with proper language skills. Hence, this study is a successful attempt in providing large audience with the skills of public speaking using technology in language teaching.

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