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Cambridge Objective IELTS Advanced is, indeed, a distinguished book among IELTS practice materials. This book can truly be called an ‘All in one’ book. The book has been developed for constructive and instructive language use. It is a lively coloured book which is rich with authentic coloured pictures of events and circumstances. It is an authentic-communicative practice book. The book’s authors - Michael Black and Annette Capel have put much effort to create artistic works. Cambridge Objective IELTS comprises 20 units, 10 Test folders, 10 Writing folders, Revision Units, Grammar folder, Self-study folder, and a CD-ROM accompanied by a guide to use.

The CD-ROM is, significantly, beneficial because it supported the following services: a) 10 sections in the CD-ROM which provide further practices of a selection of materials from two units of Objective IELTS Advanced Student’s Book, b) creation of users’ own lessons, c) link to grammar reference in order for users to type in and save their notes for each grammar point, d) link to word list containing all vocabulary items used in the CD-ROM with definitions from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary, audio and ability to type in and save notes, and e) Phonemic chart with audio.

Cambridge Objective IELTS begins with an innovative coloured Map of Objective as its table of content to introduce a variety of practices presented in the book. The Map of Objective IELTS is followed by a comprehensive explanation of the content of IELTS. All the units presented in the book are integrations of main skills (i.e., Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking) and sub skills (i.e., Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation). Every other unit is followed by either a ‘Test folder’ or a ‘Writing folder’. Also, after every four units a ‘Revision Unit’ is provided to enhance learning of the previous subject matters.

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