Miloš Đurić

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The textbook English for Electrical Engineering in Higher Education Studies – Course Book contains twelve topic-based units covering themes from electric power generation to signal processing, telecommunications, electric cars, computers and microelectromechanical systems. This splendidly and originally conceived textbook is ideal for self-study and classroom use is an easy-to-teach ESP course for young adults who want to acquire quickly and confidently English for Electrical Engineering. All units contain specialist vocabulary and grammar practice for all potential readers, future electrical engineers and engineering specialists who need to effectively use English electrical engineering register. It is particularly suitable for students who have achieved upper intermediate level of English and are currently making a great effort to reach proficiency level.

The textbook’s material focuses on common problem areas in the field of English for Electrical Engineering. Moreover, the carefully selected and graded material trains electrical engineering students to avoid typical mistakes. The textbook English for Electrical Engineering, as a meticulously prepared skill-based course, is intended for students of Electrical Engineering who wish to enter English-medium tertiary studies. The author, as an experienced ESP and ELT practitioner, combines the proven ESP methodology with innovative, fresh and novel features, thus making teaching and learning more effective.

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