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The primary goal of the paper is to present the websites I have been working on over a few past months. One of them is titled “The English Tea Lounge with Nada Radenković” whereas the other is titled simply “Nada Radenković”. The titles themselves may be misleading at first glance, intending to draw the audience’s attention to the creator’s need for the self-promotion, which may be partly true. However, the true stories behind the two titles are much deeper in meaning and broader in context, tackling the issues of teaching and learning the English Language, the use of IT , promoting educational, cultural, creative- artistic aspects in the most general meaning of the word. For this purpose. I have relied not only upon my personal experience, yet, also, on the experiences of the teachers and educators who are hard-heatedly involved and concerned with the Educational system today, which has, adversely, become not only the local but a global issue.On the other side, there is another aspect I will try to bring into the light for the reader:, having  fun during the process of learning that can be accomplished only when a learner/teacher feel the joy while teaching,learning and creating, within which we help us and others grow and develop into better selves and thus help the Humanity head for the positive direction. Due to the nature of the topic and the content itself it was rather topsy-turvy to follow the specific rules of the abstract writing form.Therefore, I sincerely apoloogize for being personal with the intention of reaching the impersonal aspects of the issues presented.Also, apologize if I have  stepped out, in any way, of the set  abstract-writing form boundaries.

Key words: Fun, Learning, Website, IT, Creation, Humanity, Personal, Diverse, , Purpose, Meaning. Personal, Impersonal Setting the Boundaries.

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Sir Ken Robin _ Noam Chomsky_The Girl Who has Silenced the World in 6 minutes_ Feidrich Nietsche _ a variety of websites topic related, mention in the paper


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